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who we are

Contessa Metalworks was started by our founder because of his dedication to his craft. Contessa Metalwork’s staff has decades of experience in the construction industry. This allows us to provide insight into your projected needs that other companies may not be able to give. Trying to always providing a handcrafted steel product that fits your designs aesthetic using refined manufacturing processes.

Contessa Metalworks is known for innovative designs and quality fabrication. From our inception to know we have brought to market a superior product made from high caliber, structurally sound product that we have been recognized for.  Our work can be found in PNW luxury housing, real estate, or in features like 425 Magazine The Eastside's Magazine.

our mission

To provide the specialty steel marketplace with a refined product from client introduction to fit and finish that also cultivates a long term relationship between Contessa Metalworks and its client base.

why us

You can always expect high-quality craftsmanship from Contessa Metalworks. Our focus has remained to use the best materials available which enables us to fabricate a product that has unmatched construction. Our team works together to use their diverse skills and talents to provide an exceptional product. Every customer is provided work created with superior standards and meticulous fabrication. We strive to remain customer focused, quality driven, and innovative with how we conceptualize our work. Our employees, clients, and our community are our priority.

Metalwork can create a focal point to any home.  Our fabrications can be clean, elegant, luxurious, refined, or classic. Whichever style the home is calling for, Contessa Metalworks can assist you with those needs.

Our staff is what truly makes Contessa Metalworks. They are co-workers, friends, and family.  We try to foster an environment that drives for  innovation, provides space to grow,  and one that puts safety of our client and customer first.

Creative Steel Coatings

Powder coating:

Powder coating is baked on color that finishes and transforms our crafted product. With a multitude of color choices available, this coating both matches custom design and highly durable protection. This coating option can produce a thicker barrier of protection without the possibility of drips, runs or sagging a traditional paint can. The powder coating process begins with sandblasting and cleaning to allow for better adherence creating an even and smooth finish. After the cleaning process, colored dry powder is sprayed on without the use of a  liquid solvent. Liquid solvent create emissions of volatile organic compounds that is damaging to the environment. It is both a durable and environmentally sound choice.


Thermoplastic powder coating is another option. This choice is generally used because of the plastic finish it creates. Thermoplastic is harder than conventional paint.  The plastic coating creates a longer lasting finish than other available options on the market.


Galvanized steel is a type of coating known for its strength and durability. The term galvanized means the steel has been coated with a protective layer of zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. Galvanized steel can stand up to harsh weather and years of abuse. This type of coated steel can cost significantly more than other types of coatings offered.


Using paint to cover your steel projects is also a choice. From railing, gates, or stairs we can coat steel at a generally lower price point if using paint versus the other coating options listed above. There is a multitude of color choices offered in paint, like powder coating. We can help you decide which color and option is best for the design and project requested.