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who we are

Contessa Metalworks was started by our founder because of his dedication to his craft. Contessa Metalwork’s staff has decades of experience in the construction industry. This allows us to provide insight into your projected needs that other companies may not be able to give. We pride ourselves in our process, our craft, and our attention to detail. Always providing a handcrafted steel product that fits your designs aesthetic through attentive planning, proper development, and impeccable manufacturing is what we strive for. Quality with efficiency best describes our talented team. We are truly dedicated to the production of high-quality custom products with on-time delivery that meets or exceeds our customer’s satisfaction.

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our mission

To provide the marketplace with a refined product from start to finish. Making sure our customers are taken care of is our main goal.

why us

You can always expect high-quality craftsmanship from Contessa Metalworks. Our focus has remained to use the best materials available which enables us to fabricate a product that has unmatched construction. Our team works together to use their diverse skills and talents to provide an exceptional product. Every customer is provided work created with superior standards and meticulous fabrication. We strive to remain customer focused, quality driven, and innovative with how we conceptualize our work. You, as our customer, are our priority. We ask questions to find out what you want, what you care about, and what objectives you’re trying to achieve.

Metalwork can create a focal point to any home. From composition to color theory, to layouts we can help the your projects design come to life. Our fabrications can be clean, elegant, luxurious, refined, or classic. Whichever style the home is calling for, Contessa Metalworks can assist you with those needs.

Our staff is what truly makes Contessa Metalworks, they are friends, family, and teammates. We believe that business is community. Supporting local is very important to us. We aim to achieve this by fostering an environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, safety and growth. Our community is made up of many people that all work for the benefit of each other and seek excellence through their teamwork.

Creative Steel Coatings

Powder coating:

A powder coat finish is baked on with the resulting finish being smooth and highly durable. This coating can produce a thicker coating without running or sagging like traditional paint can. Powder coating is sprayed on using a dry powder that does not require a liquid solvent. The lack of liquid solvent required in the coating process makes this coating choice better for the environment. Less emissions of volatile organic compounds being created and emitted makes for a healthier planet.


Thermoplastic powder coating is another option. This choice is generally used because of the finish it creates. Thermoplastic allows the coating to be harder than conventional paint creating a different end result and last on the finish.


Galvanized steel is a type of coating known for its strength and durability. The term galvanized means the steel has been coated with a protective layer of zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. Galvanized steel can stand up to harsh weather and years of abuse. This type of coated steel can cost significantly more than other types of coatings offered.


Using paint to cover your steel projects is also a choice. From railing, gates, or stairs we can coat steel at a generally lower price point if using paint versus the other coating options listed above. There is a multitude of color choices offered in paint, like powder coating. We can help you decide which color and option is best for the design and project requested.